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Todi Musica Festival

The Todi Musica Festival marked its inaugural year in 2023 with resounding success, hosting three diverse and impactful projects throughout the summer. The festival embraced a holistic approach to music education, engaging the local community and fostering international collaborations.











The Todi Musica Youth Music Summer Programme, united local music schools, talented musicians from the region, and esteemed Italian and international professionals. This initiative reached over 150 children in the Umbrian region, culminating in a celebratory concert that showcased the remarkable achievements of both young musicians and faculty members.





The Todi Musica Opera Studio, provided aspiring young artists with a unique platform for growth. Masterclasses with international performers, coaching in movement and diction, character development, audition preparation, and on-stage performance opportunities were offered. The studio's highlight was a Gala concert at Teatro Comunale, earning outstanding reviews from the public. The young singers actively engaged with the local community through flash mobs, capturing national attention and delighting the town of Todi.















The festival's final segment featured an International Concert in the Todi Teatro Comunale by the Australian String Quartet, in collaboration with the Australian Embassy in Italy. This event, aimed at strengthening bilateral relations, included an outreach project with the local music school. Over 100 students enjoyed an educational concert, providing them with insights into the featured music and an opportunity to interact with the artists. The entire festival was marked by its tremendous success, leaving a lasting impact on both the local community and the broader cultural landscape.

About Todi Musica & OperAffinity

OperAffinity was established with the mission of bringing opera & classical music to a wider audience. As a registered Italian charitable organisation, OperAffinity works with children, using music as a therapy to inspire and educate.

Todi is an international city with a strong expat and local community, who have a love for the arts & have a strong cultural affinity. The music festival was established to strengthen the accessibility & appreciation of classical and international music through top quality performances; as well as community engagement & participation.


  • We aspire to enhance the strong international reputation Todi already has and further develop that through local community engagement.

  • Our objective is to further enrich the cultural events already developed for the city by focusing on voice, orchestral music and opera.

  • Developing music programmes for children and young adults which focus on diversity and inclusion through community engagement.

  • Establishment of an important Umbrian festival for opera, music performance and education.


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Our Future Plans

  • Evolvement of an important Umbrian festival for opera, music performance, education and community.

  • Development of an international opera studio and orchestral studio involving masterclasses and public concerts. 

  • Continuation and growth of the summer youth music programme with participation of the students. Giving young musicians the opportunity to work with world class professionals and performance opportunities

  • Establishment of an international music festival which will involve professional operatic productions whilst also integrating the community in aspects of the programme e.g workshops and concerts.

  • Festival atmosphere involving local vendors, restaurants, wine bars, food and wine producers, shops.

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OperAffinity & Todi Musica has been supported by and affliated with the following organisations



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