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The children were amazed to meet professional singers and musicians who actually could earn their living through their music. This gave them a different view of life and the art of performance and provided them with new hope and positive outlook for the future.

-Feedback from Sister Mary, Mukuru Promotion Centre, Nairobi, Kenya


A lot of children suffer traumas and have only a few opportunities to have any relief from their constant struggles. The whole situation of fleeing from their homeland and the circumstances they live in without knowing about their future is quite hard. The children also suffer under the stress their parents are living and have to take responsibilities that normally a child should not have to face. It helped the children and their parents to forget about their problems and relax at least for that short moment. Music can achieve positive psychologic effects, by participating in the project the children experienced a feeling of self-worth which gave them confidence. We think that the fun-effect had a positive impact for the children.

Feedback from Refugee Centre in Hessen, Germany

Rome reufee concert_edited.jpg

A heartfelt thanks to the ambassador and all the embassy staff for the hour of Paradise that was given to us today. The children concentrated on drawing, while the singing of opera arias caressed the soul! A unique experience!

Feedback from the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), Rome Italy

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