Who We Are and What We Do

Bringing Opera & Classical Music to everyone

OperAffinity first came about from an idea to make opera more widely understood and appreciated by new audiences and establish educational programmes that cater for groups that have minimal resources and little to no access to the arts and music in general.


As a charitable organisation founded in 2019, OperAffinity has developed various workshops, performances & events catered for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. OperAffinity works with orphanages, refugee camps, schools, welfare and community centres to organise interactive workshops and performances that the children are able to watch and participate in.


Our Causes

OperAffinity works tirelessly to provide disadvanted and impoverished youth with the opportunity to hear and be part of the genre of opera and classical music. We visit remote areas throughout the world and introduce this music to parts of society that would not typically have access to it.