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OperAffinity believes in the impact music has on children’s development. In fact, studies have found that music positively impacts the development of children’s intellectual, social-emotional and language skills while bringing happiness and a feeling of freedom. Arts engagement can help children and young people in an education setting to thrive.


The workshops provide a relaxed, interactive & fun introduction to opera that the children are able to participate in that ask them to use their imagination and become involved in the process of not only performing, but also producing an operatic production.

Music workshops

OperAffinity is committed to working with kids that are from disadvantaged background to bring a sense of joy and inclusion in their lives. Whether you’re looking to donate money or want to volunteer your time, we are happy to receive any help you can give.

Concerts and performances

The charity's ambition is to widen access to opera and classical music and challenge perceptions and stereotypes by ensuring its workshops are provided in a fresh and innovative manner by passionate and talented artists.

Programs: Welcome

Kenya Project 

Through OperaAffinity's collaboration with the Mukuru Promotional Centre & the Isiolo Welfare centre, we were able to work and perform to over 6,000 children during our last visit. We spent each day with the children who gave us an insight into the lives of the people who live in the slums and explained the importance of education in Kenya. The eagerness of all the children to learn from us and to establish a connection was inspiring and we felt that we had opened their ears and minds to something new that brought them excitement and joy. 

Plans are now underway to develop a holiday music camp where the children will have a safe place where they can learn from artists and further develop their artistic abilities. 

Disability project

At OperAffinity we value the importance of diversity and inclusion. Throughout the UK we collaborate with disability centers  and have developed performances and workshops that create a welcoming environment and a sense of security for those who need it most.

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Refugee Project

OperAffinity's refugee project aims to break down the barriers between different cultures and create a safe and welcoming environment for children coming to a new country to seek sanctuary. Through the medium of opera and classical music we hope to be able to bridge the gaps between people from different backgrounds through participation, inclusion and engagement.

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