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Bridging Cultures through Opera

The Kenya Opera
Foundation Studio

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The Kenya Opera Foundation studio is an ambitious initiative, aiming to foster bicultural relations between Italy, Australia and Kenya through the transformative power of opera. This project centres on a 10-day opera training program for ten aspiring Kenyan singers, carefully selected for their talent, passion, and determination to reach international professional levels.

Cultural Context

Kenya boasts a rich choral tradition, yielding extraordinary raw talent. OperAffinity recognizes the potential of these voices to narrate profound and transformative Kenyan stories through the universal language of opera. The program will give young singers the opportunity to prove that success knows no geographical boundaries, emphasizing the shared dream of the participants to make it big through hard work and determination.

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Program Components

A rigorous audition and selection process will be established to identify 10 young singers based on talent, passion, and commitment. Applicants will be filmed and selected from a panel of international operatic judges remotely.

The 10 successful singers will engage in a comprehensive curriculum, delving into singing techniques, stagecraft, languages, and insights into the complexities of opera. Renowned Italian musicians, seasoned in leading opera houses globally, will provide invaluable mentorship. Individual coaching sessions and masterclasses led by leading operatic professionals Alice Meregaglia and Felice Venanzoni will further refine the participants' skills.

Final Gala Performance

The program will conclude with an opera gala in Kenya May/ June. This performance will be a showcase of the participant’s growth and will also commemorates the 100th anniversary of Giacomo Puccini's death, reinforcing the enduring connection between Italy and Kenya through the universal language of opera. One singer will be selected by the faculty to have the opportunity for future performances in Italy.

Cultural Context

OperAffinity places a significant emphasis on the importance of bicultural relations. By integrating Italian expertise and cultural exchange, the project not only elevates the artistic abilities of the Kenyan singers but also strengthens the ties between Italy, Australia and Kenya. Through music, OperAffinity becomes a cultural bridge, fostering understanding and collaboration between diverse nations.


The Kenyan opera foundation studio is not merely a training program; it is a celebration of talent. This initiative aspires to enrich the global and cultural landscape of opera whilst promoting enduring connections between Australia, Italy and Kenya.

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